During childhood visits to her grandmother, Lolli Belle Jordan, Renee Walden played dress-up with trunks full of Victorian finery in the attics of Lolli Belle’s antebellum home. Terri Hobbs learned to sew at her Grandmother Cora’s knee, often riding the treadle of her 1921 Singer sewing machine as Cora lovingly created beautiful frocks.

Lolli Belle and Cora nurtured in two impressionable little girls the love of vintage clothes, sumptuous fabrics and beautiful hats. Today, the legacies of the grand women live on in Vintage Lolli Belle.

Vintage Lolli Belle is a line of handmade vintage style hats created by Renee and Terri. The company started in 2003 as a result of Renee’ s New Year’s resolution to make her own hats. She retired to the third floor of her own antebellum home, sat down at her grandmother’s Singer and proceeded to make a hat. The result inspired friend Terri to do the same.

Lolli Belle Jordan

Renee and Terri began wearing their designs to church and functions around town and were amazed at the number of women who wished to purchase them, “right off our heads.” Renee’s hats are still sewn on her grandmother’s 1950 Singer sewing machine, Terri, sadly had to retire Cora’s machine recently, though her new portable rests on the cabinet of the old Singer.

In addition to their affection for all things vintage, Renee and Terri share a love for interior design and have found each hat represents a small decorating project. Texture, design and color combine to make every Vintage Lolli Belle creation its own one-of-a-kind expression.

Cora Lee Emmett

Vintage Lolli Belle hats compliment every woman’s wardrobe with styles suitable for weddings, antiquing at local markets, beach outings or Red Hat Society events. Styles are available to match mood, dress and occasion with special attention paid to seasonal fabrics and adornments. Custom orders are available.

Vintage Lolli Belle
has found the softness of their hats appealed to a very specific customer. Women in the transitional stages of chemotherapy now have an alternative to wigs, scarves or ball caps to look stylish and feel beautiful. One of the hat styles, Vintage Sun Belle (with sizes from baby to adult), has a large brim helping protect the face from overexposure to the sun. A percentage of the profits from this style goes to the American Cancer Society.

Please note that the images of Vintage Lolli Belle creations shown on our website are intended to introduce
the characteristics of each style. All our hats are original... these may no longer be available for sale, but
please inquire about recreation if you simply must have a particular hat! We hope the images
convey their uniqueness and inspire you to inquire about hats available for purchase today.

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