Thank you for your interest in Vintage Lolli Belle's handmade hats! Vintage Lolli Belle's milliners are waiting for your call! We endeavor to find the perfect match for you from our lovingly re-created vintage hats.

In order to best meet your needs, we'd like to speak to you about the occasion, style and look your perfect hat should have. Please call us at 404-403-3118 or 404-310-3909 or send us an email with your ideas. We'll take it from there!

Soon after, you can expect photos via email and all that's left is to choose your hat!

Please note that the images of Vintage Lolli Belle creations shown on our website are intended to introduce
the characteristics of each style. All our hats are original... these may no longer be available for sale, but
please inquire about recreation if you simply must have a particular hat! We hope the images
convey their uniqueness and inspire you to inquire about hats available for purchase today.

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